Somtec Solutions, Chandigarh, is acclaimed for producing and marketing Brands that garner support, affection and familiarity from the clientele. Equipped with work experience of years, our team has steered with myriad Brands; we proffer Brand Consultancy that fortifies acceleration of your company’s growth.

Providing best web solutions, we emphasize on developing original Brands strategically besides helping you express your Management ideas with impact. Our professional approach targets as to how Brands are interpreted and positioned by the potential customers; we intend to focus on individualization of your Brand, so that devoted consumers can relate with your products and eventually lead your Brand to success.

About Us

About Us


At Somtec Solutions, Chandigarh, we offer PPC or Pay Per Click online advertising & campaigning services to help your organization websites rank higher in online searches. PPC advertising model is used globally for directing traffic onto websites; the administrators get their share as & when the advertisements are clicked on by the viewers. PPC management involves supervising and maintaining a Pay Per Click campaign; our professionals with experience across the years in PPC management, delineate effective and successful budget friendly PPC campaigns best suited for your organization. We also keep track of performance reviews from the management and our clients, to reform and generate productive results from our future PPC campaigning functions.

Our PPC Management services and marketing insights ensure dominating search engine results, with your business acquiring a notable presence across various search networks besides effectively luring the relevant traffic to your website. At Somtec Solutions, Chandigarh, our PPC Management services proffer operational focus on precise geographic locations and various devices separately; we also run language specific campaigns to yield instant and rewarding outcomes for your organizations.


Digital marketing services at Somtec Solutions, Chandigarh, take into account the blend of multifarious Digital Technology solutions to reach and attract your organization’s potential customers. Implementing diverse Digital media and software tools, we intent to strengthen Brands and boost sales. With the ever evolving nature of Digital Marketing concepts, we offer distinctively tailored expert strategies, befitting for your organization’s online progress at worthwhile budgets.

Our Digital marketing services include Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Online Reputation Management and E-Mail Marketing.

About Us

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